SodaStream can be a Healthy Alternative to Soda

SodaStream instructions
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You can make SodaStream at home, thanks to the availability of different models of SodaStream machines in the market.

The machines come in different models and sizes, making them fit for home use. Additionally, a majority of them claim to be environmentally friendly. But what’s more impressive is their ability to make healthy soda.

Soft drinks are everywhere, despite the tongue lashing they receive from health experts and nutritionists for being dangerous to the health. The primary reason is that they pack a lot of sugars and preservatives.

Sodastream utilizes regular sugar, which is deemed to be healthier while ordinary soda uses high concentration fructose corn syrup, which isn’t so much healthy.

How does SodaStream work?

Sodastream is the current trend. Many families, companies, and organizations are striving to learn how to make home sodas. With such sodas, they escape the dangers that come with commercial sodas.

Again, they can determine the flavor, amount and type of sugars, and any other necessary ingredients. For these reasons, many people claim that SodaStream is healthier than ordinary soda due to regular sugar. Nonetheless, these claims aren’t factual.

So how does the SodaStream machine work?

The sparkling water maker forces carbon dioxide gas into water. The machine comprises of 3 parts – the machine, carbon dioxide cylinder, and beverage bottles. Actually, it works in the same way as that of the soda guns found in restaurants.

The process begins by first carbonating the water, then addition of the concentrated syrup. This is to add flavor. Remember, soda stream machines work well with water, though many people may use it carbonate other drinks like wine.

The machine may use electricity or battery power. However, others do not require electricity to perform. Instead, they use Carbon dioxide power. The latter version is better if you don’t have a constant supply of electricity.

The carbon dioxide cylinder comes in varying sizes. The average best is that which can carbonate up to 60 liters of water.

You can determine the number of bubbles you inject into your water. But then again, this depends on the type of machine you are using.

How to make club soda with Sodastream

What you need: baking soda, water, 1 SodaStream, a pinch of salt, SodaStream bottle, carbon dioxide canister, and flavor.

The production of club soda is a little different from the other kinds of sparkling water. It is vital to follow SodaStream instructions to get the best outcome. In this process, you must not pre-carbonate the water for the club soda.

Reason: the baking soda in water reacts with the carbonation from the machine. And if the water has carbon dioxide already, fizzing will occur, and you’ll lose a lot of carbonated water. What remains is a mild fizzy drink.

For club soda, you must mix ingredients first.

Many people take SodaStream as an alternative to soda for many reasons. For the fact that you can make soda at home with readily available ingredients makes it a cheaper option. Again, you determine the amount and type of ingredients to include, which makes it a healthier alternative.


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