Considerations in Developing a Web Site to Promote a Business

Developing a Web Site to Promote a Business
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Just about anyone who has a computer and uses it to access e-mail, news, or research general information sees or is bombarded with advertisements. Business owners may see these ads and wonder whether a presence on the web would generate more business and have some basic questions as to where to start, what are their options, and most importantly what are the pitfalls to avoid and what are the costs.

World Wide Web Terminology

Before beginning, it’s important to understand some basic terminology. Some basic words you need to know are:

server – is the computer that will host the web site.

web site – is the collection of web pages, pictures, images, a video which are what are accessed by a visitor to the virtual online business.

domain name – in simple terms a pointer to a resource, an addressing mechanism, for example, effectively is an address to the Site.

web page – simplistically, is a one-screen image which contains text, images, links to other pages called hypertext links, and navigational control(e.g. forward and back buttons)

HTML – This stands for HyperText markup language which is the predominant language for creating a web page. One need not be a computer expert nor be able to program in HTML to create a web page, the are a number of WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) packages that allow a user to construct web pages and site in a visual way, basically laying out color, background, images, and text.

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