Cold Rooms in Bangladesh – Types and Maintenance Practices

Cold Rooms in Bangladesh – Types and Maintenance Practices
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If you have large stocks that you need to refrigerate, then cold is the best option.

The best part?

There are several options, thanks to the efforts of cold room manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Remember, different cold rooms are suitable for different businesses. So each business needs a cold room with particular specifications. Below are common examples of cold rooms.

The modular cold room: These options are common in food industries, and they use panels and food-grade material. They are considerably huge, making them ideal for commercial use. They freeze at any temperature range, and they are very easy to install.

Walk-in cold room: this option offers a larger space capacity, allowing walking in and out as you need. The walk-in cold room can be modular or a combi.

Combi cold rooms: combi cold room offers separate internal temperature zones. One section is a chiller (2 C to 12 C), while the other zone is a freezer (-22 C). Normally, the first door leads to a chiller room.

Industrial chiller: it is one of the largest, allowing large trucks to enter for easy loading and of-loading. Therefore, these cold rooms are ideal for those having large quantities of food products.

The custom-built cold room: a custom cold room depends on particular specifications. These options are ideal for business people. They can give specifications to a cold room manufacturer in Bangladesh to design it for them.

How to maintain your cold room

A cold room can keep your stuff consistently cold if in proper working condition. Anything faulty in a cold room may lead to inefficient cooling. That may mean your perishables won’t be viable for long.

Here is an important tip to ensure that your cold room performs optimally:

Daily Cold Room Maintenance

Do the below maintenance practices daily for efficient results:

  • Compressors shouldn’t leak oil.
  • Ensure that the PLC switchboard performing at its optimum
  • Ensure that the cold room is cooling to the correct temperature
  • Ensure no forms on the evaporator
  • Check the secondary system’s head pressure.
  • Ensure you remove any unwanted on the surface. Such substances may include mildew, molds, and leaked products.

Monthly Cold Room Maintenance

Check out the following each month:

  • Check and clean the condenser coil fins – if necessary
  • Clean the evaporator fin
  • Ensure you have a functional reverse blowing
  • Ensure the level of refrigerant is okay
  • Check control valves and ensure they are okay
  • Ensure defrost is working

Regardless of the type of cold room, you are using. It is vital to ensure that it’s performing optimally. So ensure you use it the way a cold room manufacturer in Bangladesh would specify. Besides, ensure you carry out timely maintenance practices.

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